Our 3 Point System

  1. Private Lessons – Having a qualified private instructor working from a course that has been designed specifically for your needs is the key to becoming a dancer.  Your Arthur Murray instructor will guide you through all the tricky spots and curves in the road. Each lesson is planned in advance to hit the areas you need to reach your own dance goals. Your private instructor is highly trained in human relations as well as dancing. Whether you’ve danced before or its been a while since you’ve tackled learning a new skill, your private teacher will get you were you want to go with patience, humor and an eagerness that will make you look forward to each of your private lessons.
  2. Group Class Lessons – While the private lessons are the basis for your learning, group classes at Arthur Murray are a fun way to learn to dance with a variety of partners. Our group class instructors pride themselves on presenting interesting variations on steps and providing a great experience for the class.  Group classes will be selected for you by your private instructor based on your skill level and interest. Steps and techniques introduced in group class are fine-tuned on your private lessons.
  3. Practice Session – Practice, practice, practice!. The studio hosts weekly practice parties in the studio where you put your skills to use in real world conditions. These sessions are loads of fun and provide a no pressure environment for you to become comfortable with your latest skills. This is the third component of our system that  results in dancers who are confident and can enjoy the many benefits that dancing provides