1457555479When Ragtime music evolved into Swing through the 1920’s, new dances such as the Charleston, the Shimmy, and the Black Bottom became popular.

These dances became absorbed into a faster version of Foxtrot after a visit by Paul Whiteman’s band to the UK in 1923, becoming known as the Quickstep.

We Teach Quickstep Dancing Lessons to Students from Scottsdale, Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Mesa, Tempe, Cave Creek, Care Free AZ, and More in a World-Class Studio.

Currently it is danced at a tempo of approximately 200 beats per minute. It retains the walks, runs, chasses and turns, of the original Foxtrot, with some other fast figures such as locks, hops, and skips added. Quickstep is a wonderful dance to challenge yourself and your heart beat. Happy Quick stepin!

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