Dancing is one of mankind’s most natural expressions of joy and celebration. Throughout history and all over the world people have celebrated with some form of dancing. Despite this, most of our students think about taking lessons for some time before they summon the courage to make their first visit to the studio.

Learning to dance at Arthur Murray is low pressure. Our highly trained staff makes the process fun and easy. Our instructors are skilled dancers, but more importantly they are meticulously trained teachers – trained by and through an organization that is proud to have taught the world to dance for more than 100 years.

While the only way to truly understand the experience of learning to dance is to, yes, schedule your introductory lesson and start learning how to dance, on our website we hope you will find some resources that will help answer your questions and ease your introduction into the world of social dancing.

Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.