Continuing our ode to Minor Dances, today is Argentine Tango Tuesday! If Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger can do it, then so can you! Besides its natural sexiness, there are a lot of benefits to adding this dance to your repertoire.

Lead/Follow- Known as the “Dancer’s Dance,” Tango truly develops a dancer’s ability to lead or follow. As the lady is more perched towards the gentleman in this dance, she must wait a little longer and become more sensitive to his movement.

Musicality- In most dances so far you have been given specific timing to how much music each of your steps should take. And while you may rely on this initially as you learn Argentine Tango, as you become more proficient you may experiment with the speed of your movement as the music becomes softer or crescendos. Let the music move you!

Compact Dance Floor- Your American style tango still travels line of dance around the dance floor. Argentine tango is perfect for compact and even romantic dancing because it does not require long steps. This characteristic makes Argentine Tango perfect for crowded dance floors or even dancing in the kitchen. (Be careful with dips in the kitchen)

Introduction to International- In American style social and ballroom dancing leaders have been initiating all patterns with their left foot. Argentine tango begins with the leader taking a step backward with their right foot backwards. If you are interested in learning Quickstep or any of the other International dances for Dance O Ramas, Argentine Tango is a perfect dance to get your feet accustomed to a new start!

Lastly, the best reason to learn Argentine Tango is that if you get tangled up, just tango on!


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