FunGroupBallroomDancingCouplesNYC-480x313It’s called Social Dancing

Have you ever been asked to dance and your partner doesn’t say a peep? Sometimes we get so caught up in our dancing that we forget to engage with the person we are dancing with. Most likely it is because we are trying to impress our partner with our dazzling new move that our teacher just taught us and we just haven’t had enough practice to multi-task while we do the moves.

So instead of busting out your newest moves as soon as your feet hit the dance floor, warm up to them. Learn your partner’s name while doing a few basics, or if it is someone you have already met skip to asking them about their day. We love to dance with people who take an interest in who we are, so you are not only making a new friend, but also lining up future dances!

You will also look like a pro being able to dance and talk at the same time!

Happy Dancing!


Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.