company-Christmas-party-480x318The Company Christmas Party is a fun way to celebrate the year, socialize with co-workers and buy funny gifts for a White Elephant exchange. It is also the perfect time to bust out your dance moves. It may not be the best time to dance a bolero with your boss’s wife, but there are plenty of other dances that will add to your social capital at work.

Foxtrot- This is our “getting to know you” dance for a reason! Foxtrot gives you the time to hold a conversation while you dance. You may not want to ask for that raise just yet, but it’s a great time to acquire more information about your partner (which you can leverage later…)

Swing- No one likes being the first one on the dance floor, but an up-tempo swing is the perfect time to take the lead and more people will follow you onto the dance floor. You will be remembered for getting the party started (in a good way!)

Hustle- Sometimes we get stuck with a dance partner that has had 1 or 2 drinks too many. This is probably not the partner you want to hold up in dance position or risk getting stepped on. The hustle keeps this person at a safe distance and spinning, which they will LOVE! (Avoid the mistletoe.)


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