musicnotes-620x279What Dance Goes to This Song?

When you are first starting out in your dancing, your teacher turns on different types of music and tells you it is Foxtrot or Merengue. But when you are socially dancing, how can you tell the difference? The long answer version would explain to you the variance in beats per minute or time signatures. However, we don’t want you sitting out a dance to count. Here are a few helpful hints to get you on the dance floor!

Foxtrot- If you start feeling a jazzy Rat Pack-esque strut come on, then you probably are listing to a Foxtrot! Popular artists include Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., and Michael Buble.

Waltz- The Waltz 1-2-3 is a pretty recognizable count in this classic ballroom dance. If it makes you want to float down the dance floor, you probably have a Waltz on your hand.

Tango- Oh the Drama! Do you feel the urge to dip your partner? Probably a Tango! *Only dip your partner if they are prepared for it!

Swing- Rock N’ Roll! Yes, you can dance Swing to other music too. If you are out socially dancing and you hear music that puts a little bounce in your step it is time to swing!

Salsa- Listen for the Cowbell. There is almost always a Cowbell in Salsa.

Hustle/Merengue- Can you march to the beat? If the song sounds a little more disco/nightclub go with Hustle. Is the song in Spanish? Use Merengue!

Country Two Step- Just because you are listening to Honky Tonk music doesn’t necessarily mean you have a Country Two Step on your hands. Rule of thumb: If you could dance a fast Foxtrot to the music, then it’s time to Country Two Step!


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