Arthur-Murray-May-2014-37-480x720As you focus on the major dances in your program, it is easy to forget about a few great minor dances to expand your repertoire quickly. Here are a few of our favorites that will round out your social dancing gaps.

Nightclub two step- Time to replace that high school slow dance! (Think “Home” by Michael Buble.) This is a great dance for the social dance floor. You don’t need to travel much and it is easy to keep the rhythm of the dance. The basic footwork is like a 5th position break in your Rumba (Salsa and Waltz…)which means that just by interrelating from these dances you should be able to do Alternating turns, Crossover Breaks and Headloops! How much more exciting is this than hugging in a circle?

Hustle- The retro cousin of the East Coast Swing. Most people think of disco when they think of the Hustle, but up-tempo Top 40s music is still the perfect time to bust out your hustle moves. The 4 count footwork allows you to dance with a novice dancer, but still incorporate all the fun turns from your east coast swing. Given a little practice (and some slower music) the syncopated footwork will make you look like the coolest dancer on the floor.

Bachata- This is a great dance to have for the salsa dance clubs, but prepare to dance very close to your partner! One of the most popular Bachata basics is like your side salsa basic, so you can incorporate the same turns into your Bachata. Make sure not to leave your hips at home! Ask your teacher about how to incorporate a nice hip lift to your Bachata to make you look and feel like a natural.


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