1457555133In the early 1900’s dancers strolled dance floors together in what was called a “trot” to the ragtime music of the time.  One of these “trots” was unique in that it used longer steps that covered two beats of music as well as single beat steps in combination. The new timing made more interesting patterns such as pivots, dips and sways possible. This trot was named after its creator, Harry Fox and the Fox Trot became the standard. Fox Trot has endured through musical changes over the years and is still one of our most popular dances.

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Fox Trot is the ultimate “two dancing as one” dance. Nothing teaches dancers how to feel comfortable dancing close in each other’s arms like Fox Trot. Many a romance has begun as a Fox Trot danced by strangers who became a couple and fondly remember the music as “their song”. The music best suited for Fox Trot is the smooth style of swing made popular by rat-pack crooners like Frank Sinatra and more recently Harry Connick Jr. and Michel Buble. Many couples choose a romantic Fox Trot for their wedding dance.


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