wedding-orchestra-480x315To Hire a Band or a DJ for your Wedding

There are lots of details that go into planning a wedding and a reception. When it comes to planning entertainment for the big day there are lots of things to consider, but most important to consider is your own preferences. It is your day after all, you should be having the most fun! Here are a few pros and cons to help you reveal how you would really like to celebrate.
DJ Pros
• Endless number of songs to be played
• Take up little space
• Less expensive than a band
• Any First Dance or Honor Dances can be played as rehearsed and ended early (You don’t need to dance to a five minute song)
• Music never haves to stop, even if the DJ needs a quick break
DJ Cons
• Not all DJs are good MCs. You will want someone to keep the flow of the night going
• Guests tend to leave a little early if the music gets too rowdy
• While you can pick songs from a list, you don’t often get to see the DJ in action prior to the event
• If problems arise there is only one DJ to fix it, whereas a band has multiple members to create a solution
• Make sure to hire a DJ that is accustomed to the wedding circuit, otherwise you may end up with inappropriate music or poor flow

Band Pros
• There’s nothing quite like live entertainment
• You can find a cover band that fits the genre of music you enjoy and the theme of your wedding (but do you really need to look further than an awesome 80s cover band?)
• Band leaders are great MCs. They are used to working the crowd
• Toasts and bouquet/garter tosses can be done during the Band’s breaks
• You can often see the band perform before the event
Band Cons
• Bands use sheet music, so any changes or songs added to the set need to be made in advance
• If the band is also playing your first dance, know that it probably won’t sound the same or be the same tempo as the version you are used to practicing to
• Typically more expensive than a DJ
• Depending on how big the band is, you might need additional space limiting either seating or dance floor
• You may still need some sound system if you want there to be music while the band takes a break


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