c700x420-620x372I know how to dance, should I teach my spouse?

There is really nothing better than being able to dance with the person you love. There is something about how people connect through music and movement that opens a whole new level of intimacy. It is very common for one partner to be more experienced than the other, even with professionals! If you love to dance and want your partner to love to dance too, hiring a professional dance teacher is the best way to ensure your success on the dance floor together.


• An objective third party can mediate between partners from disputes ranging from stepping on toes to who’s leading.

• Each partner will possess different strengths and weaknesses. Your teacher will be able to assess BOTH of you to teach in a way that will get you to your goals.

• Everyone learns differently. You might be able to pick up something just by seeing it, but your partner might need to be moved through it or listen to the directions in order to learn. When we try to teach using only our own learning style, both parties can become frustrated. Your dance teacher will be able to distinguish how you each learn and teach each of you as individuals to dance as a couple.

• Having another pair of eyes is really important! If your husband is leading you in a turn and when you get back he is in the wrong spot, you will never be able to figure out what he was doing while your back was turned. (Hint: He probably stopped and was checking you out while you turned around.)

• Everyone needs some inspiration. Whether it is a dance role model or cheering you on as you dance your thousandth rumba box, your dance teacher can keep you motivated when you’ve had a hard day and would have skipped dancing for the night if you were on your own.

• If you are doing the teaching, you’ll never learn anything new! If there is one thing we know about people that love to dance the only thing better than dancing something you know is learning something new to master.

So let’s make dancing your new couple’s hobby TOGETHER!


Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.