Medal-Ball-GraduationThe Importance of Medal Ball

You thought you were learning to dance just for the fun of it, but then your dance teacher tells you it’s time to test you on your dancing. What?! A test! Yes, Arthur Murray is a dance school, but that doesn’t mean you are going to have to describe the degrees of body rotation for each step (we save that test for the teachers). As with any education it is important to your success that you excel in your current level of dance before throwing you into the next level. There are three important stages to graduating to your next Medalist level: The School Figure Checkout, The Freestyle, and Celebration!

During your School Figure Test you will dance the major 2 or 3 movements for each of your dances by yourself (and sometimes again with a partner). Yes, ladies, all this time we’ve been telling you to follow and now you have to dance by yourself. Just think of it as an opportunity to lead for once! This test lets us know how well you can dance without any distractions from other dancers or obstacles.

The Freestyle demonstrates how well you can maneuver the dance floor given the movement techniques and steps that you have learned for your level. Most students prefer one area of the test over the other, so it is perfectly normal to feel really confident in your school figure test and then be more hesitant when navigating through other couples during the freestyle, or vice versa.

Our favorite part is the celebration! We are proud of our students all the time, but we are EXTRA proud when we see you graduate to the next level in your dancing. Once you receive your certificate make sure to hang it up! You will have a Dance Trophy room before you know it!


Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.