we-got-rhythm-24318-300“I’ve got rhythm, who could ask for anything more?”

Afraid that you don’t have the rhythm required to learn to dance? Well, I have good news.  You have rhythm! That’s right. If you can move to the cadence of someone’s voice, then you have rhythm. The skill you now need to learn is called timing. That is when the rhythm is happening in the music.

Your teachers have a plethora of techniques to teach you the timing of each dance ranging from light taps on your hand or shoulder, counting “slows and quicks,” nonsense sounds like “boom—chicka chicka,” physically moving you to the music and everything in between.

Developing your timing is on your progress chart after the introduction of a pattern. This is part of what helps your Rumba box look different than your box in Foxtrot or Waltz.

Now that you have found your rhythm there’s no excuse! Ask someone to dance!


Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.