babyLearning to Change your Weight

My baby has recently taken to pulling himself up on me and wanting to walk/guide me around the house. As I helped him navigate the living room, I was reminded of leading my students around the dance floor. Now my students have much more experience walking than my son, but few people recognize at first that dancing is simply stylized walking.

I decided, for my own amusement, to lead my 9 month old son to dance a box. It was adorable. At first he would try to use the same foot twice, just as you might have when you were first learning. I decided to firm up my leading by making my weight changes more distinct which in turn helped him to change his weight from one foot to the other and go in the correct direction.

Not only is changing your weight an easy way to stay on the correct foot, it is also a great reminder of how to regain control if your dance partner isn’t following you. This might happen from time to time dancing socially or if the follower gets nervous/excited and starts going too fast. Getting your body over your foot will help communicate your rhythm and keep your partner in sync.

Happy Dancing!


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