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Centuries after its beginning in France, ballroom dancing is alive and well. Although it began as a discipline expected from members of high class families for social gatherings, the beautiful expression of dance has evolved into new and breathtaking forms. Ballroom dance doesn’t have to be something you only see on T.V. and in old movies. Dance lessons can take you back in time as you learn the steps taken by previous generations. The Quickstep, one of the classic ballroom dances from the early twentieth century, is something anyone can learn and appreciate. Arthur Murray Dance Studios is a great place to learn and experience the dance world through instruction and group activities.

The Quickstep – A Combination of Two Well-Known Standards

While ballroom dancing has many styles that have changed a lot over the years, the Quickstep is one of the five major dances used in competitions today. The Quickstep is best known as a dance born from two other well-known dances during the 1920’s: The Charleston and the Foxtrot. These two ballroom styles were popular dances that merged into the fast-paced form now known as the Quickstep. The English origin adds a propriety to the Quickstep that many associate with ballroom dance as a whole. While the present version we are most familiar with reached a solid technique around 1927, the rich history of the Quickstep goes back much further.

The Quickstep is associated with a celebratory march exhibited during the mid-1800’s. The Foxtrot – and the music associated with it – eventually went through enough changes to produce an entirely different melody, which helped to form the Quickstep. While these changes took over 75 years to stabilize into a common form, the dance is unmistakable in competitive circles. Some connection to the exciting Swing Dance of the past is also considered, and it plays a part in certain variations. Addition of the Quickstep to your dance repertoire is well worth the effort for those interested in learning a part of our history.

The Unmistakable Style of the Quickstep

Technical moves that help to distinguish the Quickstep include the closed position of the couple and the closing of the male’s feet during certain movements. While the basic steps form the dance, dancers learn to take liberties with feet placement, kicks and lifts. As with many standard ballroom dances, there are many different forms of the Quickstep to be enjoyed by dancers and spectators alike. Arthur Murray Dance Studios will help you to find the right dance or combination class to suit your needs.

It is important to gain a good basic dance knowledge and technique before focusing on a dance such as the Quickstep. The fast movement requires precision from both partners. Arthur Murray Dance Studios offers classes from beginner to advanced. At our studios, you will have the opportunity to build a firm dance foundation. Early classes can help you with technique while encouraging you to find a good fit if you are searching for a dance to specialize in. The Quickstep’s energetic pace will keep you active and challenged.

As with all ballroom dances, the music is a defining element of the Quickstep. While the history of Quickstep rhythm falls into the ragtime jazz category, the beats have changed over the years. However, fast is the name of the game when it comes to the Quickstep. The intricate syncopation of the music provides a certain balance to the presentation. Dancers move quickly and lightly across the floor, giving the appearance of minimal effort. If you want to master the dance, you will indeed need to practice! Arthur Murray Dance Studios are dedicated to bringing plenty of dance time into your schedule. We know you need time on the floor to get it right. Feel free to take advantage of our various activities outside of your regular class time to continue honing your skills.

Come to Arthur Murray Dance Studios to learn the Quickstep Today

Whether you focus on the Quickstep or a different smooth and standard dance, we hope your experience at Arthur Murray enhances your appreciation of the beautiful art of ballroom dancing. We want your class or activity to be your favorite part of the week. Our instructors are carefully chosen for their knowledge, their talent, and their love of people, and we trust them with the careful development of our students. You will soon be gliding effortlessly across the dance floor after enjoying our classes. Visit our website, or stop by a nearby studio in person to see what we have to offer.

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