Hi John,

I wanted you to know a few things. The Hula-Rama experience was simply amazing. From the the hotel to the quality of the event, it was better than I could have imagined.

What I didn’t expect, in my wildest dreams, were the results and the positive impact it has had on me. I’ll give a few stats from the grading system but first this.

Sarah Mollison is an amazing dancer, partner, teacher and person. She was completely on top of the schedule, our heats and, of course, brought 100%+ to every one of the 64 heats and the Solo. We received so many compliments from participants, instructors and even judges, starting with the Solo and all the way through. One women I had never met before came up to us after the last day and said, “Yow two were my favorite couple.” Oh, one more thing, Sarah was, by far, the “Bell of the Ball.” Incredible.

When Sarah opened the grade sheets and showed them to me at Sunday’s breakfast I was astonished. I even asked what the 11 GH’s were and when she explained it, I actually welled up, actually doing it right now again. Not such a tough Cowboy I guess 🙂

I think it was the validation that all the hard work was recognized by the best people in the business. Again, astonishing.

Anyway, at the risk of seeming like a complete braggart, here are some stats I compiled from the heat sheets. They are attached as well.

Debbie and I are now enjoying Kauai for the rest of the week.

Aloha !

64 Heats and 1 Solo
Solo Grade: G

Heat Grades competing against Men and Women combined:

8 Dances (4 closed 4 open) for each of the following:
Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Hustle
6 Mambo (4 closed 2 open)
1 Country Cha Cha (open), 1 2-step (Open) 1st Place in both
About half of the 64 were in Associate Bronze, the other in Full Bronze
Scores were roughly the same across Associate and Full Bronze


Other than 2-Step, danced only Closed Associate Bronze syllabus, even in Opens

34 1st Places (includes 11 GH or Unanimous 1st place with all judges)
14 2nd Places
8 3rd Places

By Type:
CLOSED Associate and Full Bronze: 11 GH, 11 G, 7 S, 1 B
OPEN: 12 1’s, 7 2’s, 7 3’s

Nick Losole

Nick Losole's first dance competition in Hawaii!

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