192_success_curveThe Learning Curve

Ever feel like as soon as you learn something new you forgot the last thing you learned? You aren’t alone! It’s a pretty normal phenomenon as you travel the Curve of Learning.

Your teacher may have told you about the Curve of Learning. Initially you are in the beginner phase, soaking up information. Then as you begin to get the swing of things you enter the Awkward Use Stage. You know what you are supposed to do, but you may not execute it correctly. Next a Student enters the Conscious Use Stage. The move is danced well, but it requires a lot of thought. You probably aren’t having a conversation while you dance steps in this stage. Last is the Natural Use Stage. Here you can perform the dance step or technique with ease as if it were second nature.

It takes several hundred repetitions for each move or technique to go through the Curve. That’s why you can do your box in your sleep, but remembering your Bronze 4 takes more concentration. You’ve done the box hundreds more times and in multiple dances! Cut yourself a break and go dance!


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