Ballroom dancing was officially born in the 18th century when Vienna high society dancers first began to actually “touch” their partners while dancing to the music of Johann Strauss and other composers who favored 3 beats per measure. It was at first considered scandalous by Royals around Europe. The idea of a man and woman holding hands and moving together in public was not widely accepted at first but soon all of the Courts in all of the land where enjoying this beautiful dance named after the music itself, the Waltz.  Waltz eventually swept all of Europe and became widely accepted in all social circles.

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Those “scandalous” early moves performed in the 18th century seem pretty tame these days. Today the Waltz is by far the most elegant and “respectable” of the all the social dances. Waltz is characterized by sweeping movements that rise and fall gently to the beautiful melodies of the music. Grace, poise, balance, carriage, and control are all attributes of accomplished waltz dancers. Women love the “belle of the ball” feeling that comes from dancing the waltz with a man how knows how to show her off in our most romantic dance of all, the Waltz.


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