Scottsdale-Ballroom-Dance-Lessons1West Coast Swing-This is the dancer’s swing. Once called “Sophisticated  Swing”, this smooth and highly stylized form of swing comes to us from California dancers during the 1940’s.  Cool jazz and blues called for a less bouncy, earthy style of dancing. West coast dancers combined lindy-hop patterns with some new syncopations and a sleek “in the slot” style. The slower more blues oriented music favored by the dancers gave the dance a more sultry down and dirty look than the lindy or jitter-bug style of Swing.

Today there are West Coast Swing clubs in just about every major city in the country and around the world.

The music of choice is as diverse as the dancers themselves with all styles represented. No matter what town or style of music, it remains the “sophisticated swing” and a west coast thing!

Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.