good_wedding-480x720We love weddings at Arthur Murrays! There is nothing better than watching a couple get ready to dance down the aisle. Since we see hundreds of wedding couples a year, we want to share some of our wedding wisdom with you.

Unpredictable weather- Even in temperate climates you occasionally get the winter storm. If you are planning an outdoor wedding you probably have a contingency plan to get indoors if needed. To keep the dance floors clean for your guests, consider asking the establishment if they have extra doormats to place outside of the reception area. In Scottsdale you may also have the inverse, an exceptionally hot day! Does your reception area have air conditioning?

Outdoor Ceremony Pictures- Check to see when sun set is, so that you can make sure that your bridal party is not squinting.

The Hand-Off- Most wedding coordinators request a timeline of when you want certain events to happen: When are the pictures, wedding party announcement, toasts, etc.? Most couples do not practice entering and exiting the dance floor between the First Dance and Honor Dances with their father or mother. Take some time with your dance teacher to block out how these interactions will work, especially if the Bride and Groom are seated before their dance.

Get everyone dancing- Consider playing a reception hit like the Cupid Shuffle or Wobble to get some great action shots of everyone up and enjoying the reception! These are well timed right before the Bride and Groom leave the festivities.


Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.