Origin of the Bachata

Bachata is a widely popular dance genre in the Dominican Republic that was highly influenced by Cuban bolero. The genre reached International prominence in 1992 when musician Juan Luis Guerra was awarded a Grammy for his album Bachata Rosa.

How to Bachata

Originating in the 1960’s, Bachata is now danced in all corners of the world. The original dance style was slow, with the dancers in a close embrace. The dance evolved significantly as the music genre changed to a faster tempo. However, the original dance is still practiced by many traditionalists in the Dominican Republic.

Bachata is characterized by soft movements of the hip and a syncopation on the fourth beat. The most common variation of this dance involves eight counts moving within the perimeters of a small square. The basic steps of Bachata involve moving side to side with the dancer changing direction with each tap. Bachata is a highly social dance that is constantly evolving, with individual dancers being encouraged to incorporate their own interpretations as they learn the dance.

Learn to Bachata

Worldwide interest in Bachata has made it a popular dance for people of all ages and skill levels. To explore your options, contact Arthur Murray at your earliest convenience.

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