Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our frequently asked questions to find answers to the most common questions.

  • How do I get started?

    Getting started is easy! The first step is to schedule an introductory lesson. During this 30 minute lesson, your instructor will work with you to figure out where to start.  If it’s at the very beginning, great!  No bad habits.  (the Two Left Feet conversion procedure is quite painless.)  You can also discuss what dances will work best for you, and, after you start to learn those dances, your instructor can recommend an appropriate course for you to reach your goals. To set up your introductory lesson now, call or e-mail us.

  • How long will it take?

    Well, let me peer into my crystal ball…Unfortunately, without meeting and dancing with you, there is no way to tell you and there is no average.   How long it takes depends upon many factors including your previous experience, how fast you learn, how frequently you are available for lessons, and how good you wish to become (Is it Dancing With the Stars, Comfortable on the Social Dance floor, or something else entirely?).  During your introductory lesson, your friendly instructor will help you answer some of these questions and give you their best recommendation on how to continue.  WARNING:  You will begin learning to dance on your first lesson!

  • What is a “Course”?

    Arthur Murray is world famous for our unparalleled system for dance progress: The Arthur Murray Unit.  The Arthur Murray Unit is an effective combination of Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Social Dance Parties, the result of which, is a complete dancer.  Your course will include Private Lessons with your instructors in a one-on-one (or one-on-two) setting, Group Classes, and Social Dance Parties.  For a break down of each of these types of lessons, click here:

  • How much do lessons cost?

    We have a variety of courses available.  Our New Student Director and your Instructor can recommend a course that will best meet your dance goals and budget on your introductory lesson.

  • Can I really learn to dance?

    If you can walk (or roll), you can dance. “Walk in, Dance Out”  has been our motto for decades, because the same physical and anatomical functions that go into simple walking (timing, balance, posture, foot placement, weight distribution, etc.) are the same functions you’ll use to dance.  When its broken down to it’s simplest elements by your well-trained instructor, anyone (yes, even you) can do it!  Many of our most successful students were almost convinced by a previous instructor that they just didn’t have “it” (whatever “it” is?).  Hundreds of thousands of people have been successfully trained in Arthur Murray Dance Studios the world over.  Believe me, we’ve heard all the ailments:  Two Left Feet Disease, Have No Rhythm Syndrome, You’ve Never Had a Student as Uncoordinated as Me-itis, etc.  The hardest part of the fun and easy treatment is taking that first step through the door!

  • When can I take lessons?

    The studio is open Mon-Fri from 12:45 pm – 9:45 pm, so you can schedule your private lessons around your availability.  As a student you are also welcome to come in to the studio and practice any time we are open.  As an enrolled student you can also come to our Group Classes and Social Dance Parties whenever you’re available.  Click here for our Group Class and Social Dance Party calendar.


  • Will I have a good teacher?

    You’ll have the best teacher. All of our dance instructors must complete a most arduous training regimen, and are thoroughly and constantly training on both dancing AND teaching. They are experienced on the dance floor and knowledgeable in techniques to help you make the fastest Waltz, Salsa, or Swing progress possible.  We have 8 certified instructors on our staff who all work together as a team.  Though this is very rare, if you don’t think your teacher is a good fit for you, please feel free to request a different instructor on your next appointment.

  • Is your system of teaching difficult?

    Do you want it to be?  The Arthur Murray Dance Syllabus is the most complete system of teaching and dance syllabus in the world.  When we say we can teach any skill level, we mean it.  That being said, it’s SUPER EASY to learn at Arthur Murray no matter the level.  By breaking even the most complex movements down into bite-sized pieces, you’ll easily understand, dance, and enjoy. As a new dancer, you’ll start with four simple, basic movements, from which several unique combinations are derived.  Before you know it, you’ll be gliding around the dance floor with ease.

  • What benefits do I receive?

    Ballroom Dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, outings, and new friends. Whether its a Swing to the band at the corner bar or Waltzing in the ballrooms of Europe, dancing is a superb physical conditioner, providing exercise without that pungent gym smell!  Learning to dance will open up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar.

    Benefits of Dancing


Arthur Murray Scottsdale is currently open and accepting new students for lessons during COVID-19.